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 Design, Development & Prototyping 

Working with clients designing and developing something new is one of the most exciting parts of any project, it is also one of the most important. Our team are always focused on ensuring that we provide you with the best possible options for representing your brand in the retail environment. This means ensuring that our designs meet your visual expectations and standards and making sure that they are both functional and simple in store. Being installation experts as well, means that we can ensure from the very beginning we take into account all possible hurdles that will need to be overcome to make sure your brand is looking as good as possible in store! 


At this stage we work collaboratively with the client to define and narrow what we want to achieve and how to best achieve it. Concept visuals are created using 3d CAD software and showcased to the client. 


Once the concept visuals have been approved we move onto the development stage. This involves the creation of technical drawings, coming up with innovative solutions to potential problems and opening the process to a wider pool of people to ensure we have looked at the project from every angle. 


After the technical drawings have been complete we start on a prototype version of the fixture. This allows us to see the concepts in real time and work out any further issues. It also allows an oppurtunity to 'value engineer' your fixture, making sure that you get the best possible resutl for the best possible price. 

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