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Manufacturing, bringing your vision to life

When we work on any project we make sure that we know exactly what machinery and processes are going to be needed to achieve the outcomes. Our history and expertise in this industry mean that we are comfortable and confident in using all possible processes and machines to achieve your desired outcome. This snapshot of our workshop gives you a quick overview of our capabilities but to really understand how we can help you give us a call…

Our manufacturing capabilities are constantly evolving and if you are looking for something not shown below please just get in touch and we will be able to help!


As the main point of information on any stand or promotion getting the print right is absolutely essential. It all starts with making sure that the artwork is absolutely perfect before sending it to print. To make sure that this happens we have a number of highly skilled art workers with great experience in the field. After this we have to make sure that the material is fit for purpose and make sure that the right printing process is used. We have the capability to help with any number of substrates and processes to make sure that your print is right every time.

Ink Jet Printer
Laser Cutter

Having recently acquired a laser cutter the benefits of the machine have immediately shown their value. The laser cutter has given us the ability to quickly respond to a huge number of plastic and other manufacturing requirements to the highest quality. This has greatly increased our internal capabilities and significantly increased the speed and quality of our work.

The Laser cutter allows us to manufacture bespoke POS parts. This includes shelves, cabinets, logo cut outs and much more. This is also a great way to produce one off pieces without attracting the high set up costs of traditional CNC machining.

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is one of the most cost effective methods of mass producing high quality plastic parts available. Our comprehensive machinery enables us to cater for the widely varying needs of point-of-sale and our expertise in this field allows us to provide the most cost effective and speediest method of production possible.

Wod & Metal Work

Having worked in the POS industry for over twenty years we have the manufacturing capability to produce in any number of materials. Of particular importance is wood and metal fabrication. These kind of units are often the most prestigious units and we understand that they must be perfect overtime. To make sure that this is the case we have an experienced team who have created numerous metal and woodwork units. For specific examples please see our projects.

If you require a unit with wood or metal elements then we can manufacture it, whether from a simple cabinet style unit to a more complex wall hanging unit we can help you realise the unit you want.

Moulding & Extrusions

If your project requires mass produced replica parts, then we can help reduce your costs and improve quality through the use of the Extrusion or Injection Moulding processes. These kind of productions often go hand in hand with other elements of production and you can be confident that we have the capability and expertise to effectively integrate these parts into your POs. Get in touch now to see how we can help move your project forwards.

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