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Sisley Jenners

Manufacture & Installation of Premium Retail Furniture






Following the completion of a number of smaller projects we submitted a bid for and won the opportunity to fit the new retail furniture for the leading skin care and beauty brand Sisley. The brand is at one of the most prestigious beauty houses in the world and its furniture needs to maintain that image in all environments something we paid attention to at every turn. 


  • Careful planning and a detail driven approach to sourcing the right materials for the works ahead. 

  • Ensuring that the right amount of time had been set aside in our production schedule to give the materials the time and energy that they demand and deserve. 

  • Our procurement lead spent significant periods of time ensuring that all materials and services required to meet the clients expectations arrived on time and to the standard needed.

  • Identifying the skill set required - we ensured that those with the most experience in our team took the lead on this prestigious project and ensured that every hour spent on the project was done with the best intention and craftsmanship. 

  • On installation we used a hybrid team of our on road fitters and workshop joiners to ensure that any and all possible outcomes could be overcome and that the installations would be completed to the highest possible standard on the first attempt. something that we completed with pride. 


As the photos show the unit looked beautiful in store and provided the staff the platform needed to push on and provide the best in class service that clients of Sisley expect to see. The client was extremely happy and the unit provided the perfect base from which to push on with in this historic and prestigious store environment. The merchandising solution provided reached and exceeded the expectations placed before it something that is incredibly hard to do when working with the very best in the business! 

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