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  • Samantha Steadman

Stadium Sleep Out: Inside Look at Last Month’s Sleep Easy Charity Event!

On March 7th 2024, 90 volunteers – among them 10 of our own team at Melita POS – gathered under the floodlights of King Power Stadium for YMCA Leicestershire[1]’s charity event Sleep Easy 2024 to raise funds and awareness for those experiencing homelessness in Leicestershire. The fundraisers gathered pitch side – braving a chilly four degrees overnight and sacrificing their cozy beds armed with just a carboard box and their sleeping bags – for a night out under the stars.

Since its inception in 2010, Sleep Easy has become a staple to the charity’s calendar, so far raising over £1.5 million for local YMCA services with this year’s Leicester event alone raising over £19,000 – an impressive testament to the local community’s commitment to making a difference.

Sleep Easy isn’t just about the funds raised. The event, taking place at the iconic stadium, serves as a poignant reminder of the harsh realities faces by those experiencing life on the streets, fostering empathy and an understanding of the conditions that those on the streets  experience every day.  Spending just one night outside the comfort of our beds allows us to gain a small glimpse into the challenges faced by those less fortunate. As participants huddled in their sleeping bags and decorated their makeshift cardboard forts, they were able to share for a brief moment a sense of solidarity with those experiencing homelessness – although these conditions didn’t begin to emulate the struggles of those truly out on the streets.

The funds raised through Sleep Easy play a crucial role in the support and upkeep of initiatives ran by YMCA Leicestershire, from offering safe spaces for children aged 7-18 to providing transitional housing and support for young adults. The charity is committed to empowering individuals and addressing the root cause of homelessness, providing immediate support where needed and also fostering long-term resilience and growth within the young people it aims to help.

Following on from this event, we’re eager to stay connected with the YMCA, understanding more about how the funds raised will be utilized and explore further opportunities to support their vital work, right on our doorstep.

Our dedication to make a difference extends beyond a single event and we are eager to ensure ongoing support for local charities and communities. If there is a cause close to your heart, we’d love to hear about it – through continued advocacy, empathy and action, together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need and work towards a future in our local spaces which is brighter for all.

There’s still time to donate! Please visit our JustGiving Page to donate whatever you can to this brilliant cause.


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